In 2009, Above and Beyond Caregivers was formed by Crystal Sillah and Elisee Ndenga and incorporated in the state of Ohio as an limited liability company.

The company was formed to provide quality direct care services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illnesses with the goal of being a great company that respects and cares for both its clients and employees.


The mission of Above and Beyond Caregivers, LLC. is to provide the highest quality of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We provide to clients, their parents, guardians, and advocates, a team that is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, caring, understanding and willing to support their needs, enhance their skills and quality of life by helping them live, work, and participate in their communities.


The philosophy of Above and Beyond Caregivers LLC, is a no discrimination policy in providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities because of race, color, origin, or degree of disability; and that persons’ self-esteem and dignity are linked to their ability to live as an independent member of their community.